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A Chapter

Yes, I am working on the novel and to prove it, here is a chapter! 😄 It can almost stand as short-story on its own.

Saving herself for marriage seemed terribly old-fashioned to Rhonda Deerfield, yet that was just what she had been doing. She had no illusions that her best friends had done the same. Rhonda would not change her habit this night. No. If it were going to happen it would not be with Roger.
Roger was trustworthy. She was pretty sure of this. Oh, he could be encouraged. Couldn’t all guys? Roger Starr was no one she intended to encourage. He was someone to go out with, just to have someone to go out with. She felt she should have that someone on a Friday night and assumed Roger saw her the same way.
They wouldn’t see each other after this summer, anyway, would they? She’d be at the University of Florida, he was bound for Florida State. That should make them mortal enemies the rest of their lives!
At least during football season. She wouldn’t see any of her friends, not the r…